Pony Up And Do It!

Eel sushi at Waji's.

Eel sushi at Waji’s.

No matter how old a person gets, it’s never too late to try new things.  This week has definitely been filled with “firsts” for me.  Nothing big or astounding, just new.  Three days ago when it was -20 below zero outside, I chose to do something that I have never been brave enough to do in my life.  While I was at work one night, I ran outside 45 minutes before my shift ended in order to warm up my car.  The fear of leaving my unattended idling car out in the open like that, up for grabs and open for joyrides, had my stomach doing somersaults wondering if it would still be there when it was time to leave.  The following day I brought a spare set of keys to lock the car just because I’ll probably do it again sometime.  It was great getting into a warm car with no scraping of windshields inside or out to do.  On Monday, I flew to Missoula, Montana to visit my daughter and son-in-law for Thanksgiving.  When I reached Seattle to catch my connecting flight, I stopped at Waji’s in the airport and had an eel sushi snack.  That also was a “first” along with the edamame snack I had at Keely’s.  They were tasty one’s as well!  I took an underground train to reach the main terminal in the airport, (which I assumed must be a newer thing since I’ve never seen one in any of the larger airports I’ve been to before) but chalk that up to another “first!”  And how refreshing to know you’ll never have to race down a concourse like a sprinter in order to avoid missing a connecting flight!  All in all, I love spending time with my daughter and I love trying new things even if they make me a little nervous at times.  It’s good to take time to venture out and explore because even “just a little”  is never too late.


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