Ringing In The New Year With Wongs

The tradition of celebrating New Years Eve with Chinese take-out was unintentionally started by my mother during my sophomore year of college.  “I have to work late,” she said.  “Why don’t I swing by Wong’s and bring something home?”  Sure, why not!  My sisters and I knew that what Mom was trying to get at, was that she didn’t want to cook..  Nothing too surprising.  We grew up knowing that our mother was no Martha Stewart.  Burnt grilled cheese sandwiches and scalded tomato soup was a main staple in our childhood.  So in the long run, the evening of ringing in the New Year with noisemakers, hats, girl talk and  pork lo mien ( among everything else on the menu) actually became a more welcoming alternative from the traditional ham and turkey. My sisters and I decided to keep the affair a tradition.  Mom didn’t like to cook and we didn’t either, so I guess Wong’s takeout was here to stay.  After all these years, even with my own kids, the tradition has stayed the same other than Wongs Chinese cooking was replaced by Thai from Asian Gardens.  Happy New Year everyone!   I’ll write a fortune for you even if there is no cookie in sight.  *  Look towards the good in your future and leave all the bad behind .  Wave with one finger as you pass it by.  


The Damsel And The Deadbolt

Sometimes we can be a victim of our own demise.  In this case it would be locking myself out of my apartment when I was so pressed for time as it was.  I had packages to mail at the post office.  I had commemorative, holiday ornaments to make and ship out.  I had a load of laundry to do on my only day off until the next one.  And I had to swing by the gas station and go to the grocery store.  You see, the night before, my son decided to demonstrate how to use one of the features on my front door.  The building that I live in was built in 1946 and therefore has all of the architectural features from that era..  A built in flour bin in the kitchen, brass doorknobs, and the ever so gorgeous, hardwood floors all give my apartment an eclectic charm of it’s own.  Now, in order to lock the front door without using a key, Joshua showed me how to press a button in on the latch plate.  Which is fine if you are someone who is accustomed to not closing the door behind you whether it be to take out the trash or check your mail.  However, I am not one of those people.  We city girls live very cautiously.  We always have, and we always will.  That’s just how it is. But on this morning I had forgotten to undo the relics of Joshua’s demonstration before I went on my morning coffee run.  AHHH!… After jiggling the key to the right like he told me to do but without any luck, I couldn’t bring myself to think that I might be spending the day sitting in the hallway.  That thought was more than I could bear.  Josh was at work.  My cellphone was in my apartment so I couldn’t even (as a last resort) call a locksmith, and the landlord wasn’t home. I returned to my building while still sipping my coffee and reluctantly knocked on my neighbor’s door.  By this point I was almost in tears but I decided to ask him for help anyway.  He jiggled the key to the left, then to the right, did it one more time and…BAM!  The door flew open.  Ahhh yes…all is right in my world again.  What would I do without kindhearted neighbors? 

The Upside Of Bath Bombs

I spent all of yesterday parked in front of my computer shopping online for the holidays.  Trying to wind up gift searches, has once again, proved to be a challenge.  I’ve had to deal with rerouting U.P.S.’d packages, finding limited editions of makeup palettes and locating updated addresses for people who have moved since last year.  My only concern now is making sure I ship things out A.S.A.P so they get to where they’re supposed to be in time.  But my holiday preparations in other departments, are otherwise, nonexistent.  I never bake cookies, I don’t deck the halls (other than my grandson’s mini tree), and any inkling of sleigh ride music is outnumbered by rock and roll.  On the up side, before I left work today I found some bath bombs for Rylan and I was glad about that.  He loves those fizzy things when I give him a bath at my house but he still needs more bathtub toys. It’s amazing how finding something so simple can brighten my day.  Fa la la la la….the bath fizzy wins!

Taking The Long Way Home

The good news is that my luggage finally caught up with me after four days of being home.  It wasn’t necessarily lost, but rather it hit a roadblock.  You see, apparently when a person switches airlines in between connecting flights, the initial airline is no longer respondsible for getting one’s luggage onto the next plane.  At least this is what I was told by the Sidney Airport and whether this is true or just a bunch of bullpucky, I guess we’ll never know. The thing that made locating my luggage so difficult was that I hadn’t saved my boarding pass with the barcode sticker on the back.  I didn’t think I needed it anymore!  So the moral of this story is: Don’t toss out your boarding pass until you have your luggage in your hot, little hand!