Who Cares If Your Dress Doesn’t Sway In The Breeze

Who cares if your dress doesn’t sway in the breeze as long as the shape of it shows movement.  It’s all about mastering the art of illusion anyway.  Making something appear to be something it isn’t.  It’s like a freeze frame split second of life coming to a grinding halt just to be eternally admired.  Dresses swaying in the breeze can be tricky, little maneuvers anyway.  Take it from Marilyn Monroe or my sister, Patty.  As young girls we decided one Sunday that we were not going to wear undies to church. No special reason.  It was just for fun. We needed a little secret to spice up a mundane weekly routine.  I was 8 and she was 6.  As soon as we stepped out of the car a gust of wind came up and blew our skirt high enough to give a sneak peek to the boys getting out of the car ahead of us.  They looked  in awe as we just daintily commented to them, “Oh my, it must be a little breezy today.”  No explanations.  We just sauntered off like a couple of royals. The paper mache kimono inspired dress I’m working on right now shows just the right amount of movement to make the viewer think the hemline is swaying in the breeze.  Really…it’s not going anywhere.  The opening certainly doesn’t show any pantiless models, only a black, lacy crinoline underneath.  And the chiyogami  paper that I ordered finally arrived yesterday (straight from Japan) and so I plan on making a Japanese style hairpiece to go with the dress.