Fig Leaves And Sweet Paper Dreams

If an artist (such as myself) were given a stack of fig leaves and told to make a dress out of them, I’m pretty sure it could be done.  If it were up to me, I would use grapevines for spaghetti straps and get Lady Gaga to strut her stuff down the streets of Paris wearing my creation.  That’s a sweet dream.  But if she has worn an unconventional dress before, then she can do it again. Right? The medium I am working with right now is paper.  Everything from chiyogami paper, to rice paper, to wallpaper, to watercolor paper and the list goes on and on.  My dresses are beautiful, stylish and durable yet I’m having a difficult time getting any young girl to even come and look at them.  When I asked Caitlin (a girl I know) to model a dress for me in a photo shoot, she wholeheartedly jumped at the chance.  Then when I told her the dresses were made from paper she furrowed her eyebrows and shaking her head said, “Ohhh…no,no,no.”  I’m still hoping to get Martha for one of the dresses, but if I keep coming up empty handed, I think it will be time to take on a different approach.  My plan is to go straight to anyone I know who works with the media.


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