Pea Shooter To The Photo Shoot

To do a project such as scherenschnitte (Sharon-schnit) the type of paper that is used is origami.  It’s strong, colorful and doesn’t rip easily.  Which is a good thing when a person is working on something so intricate.  Even though most patterns depict scenery, nature or folk art I have decided to use my own design and give it an urban vibe.  It’s for my Breakfast at Tiffany’s dress which won’t be entirely black because the origami paper that I chose has a print titled : Around The World.  I wanted the dress to be more ornate rather then basic but not so busy that it looks like a circus.  It will be in accent only.  Last night I received an email from Sarah Bloom (the photographer) as to our tentative scheduled attempt at a first time photo shoot with two of the dresses, but I told her to scratch that because the makeup girl (Kim) never returned my call.  That’s the price I pay for living in a smaller town.  If I were still living in Billings I would just book a models hair and makeup appointments at Sanctuary Spa and Salon or something and hire a freelance photographer.  Freelance photographers are a little more abundant over there.  So is the art scene!  So I haven’t totally ruled out that option either.  I just hate driving 250 miles for a quick photo shoot. 


Holly Golightly In Her Little Black Dress

Holly Golightly (Audrey Hepurn) in Breakfast At Tiffany’s had to have one of the most elegant little, black dresses of all time.  The collar of the dress that she wore in the opening scene reminds me of something Egyptian or Cleopatra like with the strings of pearls and  swoop neck.  I still can’t figure out if the pearls are attached or just riding above the collar but you know my saying: “It’s my art project, I can do whatever I want.”  And so I think that even though the dress is a basic straight up and down floor length, I could easily draw inspiration from it’s elegance yet make it my own with some scherenscnitte embellishing.  But the collar…I plan on nailing that to the tee!  And I won’t forget the black gloves either.  I finished the Butterfly Eyes dress over the weekend and so now begins dress # 5.  Also, one of the photographers, Sarah Bloom, from the Sidney Herald published a photo of my dresses in the Sunday, May 18th issue of the newspaper. I like publicity where my artwork is concerned and I’ll take all I can get! 

Butterfly Eyes

To say that designing Emelia’s dress titled: Butterfly Eyes was difficult would be an understatement. Her dress has to be the most time consuming, challenging and detailed dress I have done so far and it’s still under construction. Remember the Birds Of America book I was telling you about? That is the dress I am referring to. It’s really coming along though! The skirt has a packing paper foundation overlayed with crepe paper and scrapbooking paper. The print I’m using is called: Once Upon A Time. Tomorrow I hope to finish adhering the crystal embellishments and making a lace crown. Once again I will be doing something I’ve never done before yet I take on the challenge and carry on!