The Conscious Box

I thought I’d take a moment to blog about a gift that Keely had recently sent to me.  Actually it was a subscription to a monthly package called, “The Conscious Box” and I love it.  The aim of it all is to get the recipient  to try various all-natural, organic and eco-friendly products that they otherwise might never try.  Each month the box is full of samples from food, to supplements, to beauty products and cleaning supplies.  The box I received today contained Amki Sesame Snaps, a chocolate chip CLIFF bar, an Honest Kids juice pouch, instant reishi, Everly peach mango drink mix, hemp hearts and a fruit and vegi wash that removes, chemicals, waxes and pesticides. And all of these items were just to name a few! The thing about this gift is that Keely really put a lot of thought into finding something that totally suited me and it was also something out of the ordinary.  I think all of us can say that we really appreciate it when somebody takes the time to invest in a well thought out gift.  And even though the Honest Kids juice pouch packaging is a far cry from being as environmentally friendly as it’s content I’m willing to overlook that fact just this once.  (Juice pouches and baby food pouches NEVER break down in the landfill).  I would encourage everyone out there who loves the world they live in to give Conscious Box a try.  Expand your horizons!  It will be good for you! 


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