Admiring The Sweet Ballz

For the past few days those Sweet Ballz have been working their way from an end cap at the grocery store up to the checkout stands.  Lyn was the one who spotted them first.  “I think I’ll get these,” she said in passing.  I held out my hand and she passed them over.  As I glanced at the Ping-Pong ball size and various flavors and colors, (red, white and brown) I couldn’t stop myself from asking her if they were a gift for her husband.  “No,” she said, “they just looked good.”  I pointed at one of the ballz through the cellophane and said to Lyn,”Oh dear! Did you know that you have a…”  “That’s right,” she said cutting me off, ” I even have a dent in one of my Sweet Ballz.”  “Do you want to trade?” I suggested.  “Naw, that’s okay.  They all go down the same.”  By this time I was laughing hysterically and the line at the check stand was beginning to grow.  “Alrighty then!” I exclaimed wiping my tears of laughter.  But if it were up to me I would’ve swapped out that 4 pack of Sweet Ballz with the ding being the perfectionist that I am.  Nobody should have to pay for dented Sweet Ballz!