For Just One Day

The question how do you teach children to recycle when they live in a community that doesn’t recycle?  There is no recycling center nearby and so everyone just tosses all their waste into one, giant cesspool of litter.  There’s no sorting of paper, plastic , aluminum or glass.  Just one giant conglomerate of this and that.  I know if the people in this community cared enough (and they should with the rapidly increasing population because of the oil boom), that so much more could be done.  This has been a matter that has been weighing heavily on my mind since I started working at the grade school.  And what’s even worse is that the children can’t even learn to upcycle when they attend a school that doesn’t offer art.  For just one day I would like to have them sort what they toss.  For just one day I would like to have those kindergarteners color with melted down nubs of crayons.  For just one day I would like their new papers to be copied onto the back of something old. For even just one day I would like them to learn what the landfill is and that even big holes fill up fast.   Maybe even one day will eventually turn into two.