A Boy’s Way Of Thinking

The fate of the two painted pumpkin heads had finally been determined in the 5th grade classroom.  “Should I haul them to the dumpster?” I asked the teacher.  She replied, “Well, it is nearly Christmas and fall  is over, so I guess.  Will they eventually rot if I don’t toss them?”  I told her yes.  It was nearly dismissal time and the students were bustling about getting their coats and hats on.  “Does anybody want these before you go home?” she called out.  Most of the students didn’t reply but carried on with their own business.  One of the boys standing next to her said, “No, we don’t want them,” but his classmate jumped in and said, “No…Tyler wait!  We can use them for target practice!”  And each one of the two boys tucked a pumpkin head under his arm before heading to the bus.  Ahh yes…what better way for a pumpkin to spend the holidays than to be perched on a fencepost getting a BB between the eyes!  Seasons Greetings From Montana Everyone!


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