Butterfly Eyes

To say that designing Emelia’s dress titled: Butterfly Eyes was difficult would be an understatement. Her dress has to be the most time consuming, challenging and detailed dress I have done so far and it’s still under construction. Remember the Birds Of America book I was telling you about? That is the dress I am referring to. It’s really coming along though! The skirt has a packing paper foundation overlayed with crepe paper and scrapbooking paper. The print I’m using is called: Once Upon A Time. Tomorrow I hope to finish adhering the crystal embellishments and making a lace crown. Once again I will be doing something I’ve never done before yet I take on the challenge and carry on!


Walking In A Daze

“Excuse me sir…” was said to me this morning as I reached for a paper coffee cup.  I laughed to myself.  It’s all working men at the convenience store at 5 a.m., so expecting to see a lady there at that time of day wasn’t even a forethought.  When he bumped into me, I turned to see a young man all bundled up in his Carhartt coveralls.  His hood was up and oil stains covered his clothes.  That told me that he was a roustabout on his way to work in the oil patch on a Sunday morning.  I don’t think he even realized what he said to whom because he just carried about his business at the check stand.   In the parking lot, as he was opening his car door, I jokingly reminded him of what he had said.  “I’m sorry, mam,”  he replied, “I’m still waking up.”  Today was daylight savings time and I’m still waking up too.  It’s dark when I go to work in the morning, and it’s dark when I come home.  A Phillips Wake-Up light is on my winter wish list this year.  I’ll keep you informed as to how I like it and make sure I do a review.