Tricking My Mind Into Thinking It’s Spring

The day has finally arrived where my Phillips Wake-Up light was delivered and I love it! The light slowly brightens half an hour before it’s actually time to get up and there are two sounds that one can pick from to accompany the light. The first one is chirping birds and the second one is music. As much as I liked the music, I opted for the chirping birds. In case I have never mentioned it before, the apartment where I live is in the heart of downtown and so I generally hear a great deal of traffic outside my window. So in order for this wake-up light to truly trick my mind into thinking it’s spring, it would have to have the sounds of traffic in the background of the chirping birds. But I’m sure I’ll do fine. Everyone knows that the sounds of tires on snowy roads is much more silent than on dry pavement so I guess winter and spring will have to be blended. I can adjust. I have my light therapy and I’m good to go.